Women’s Hockey @ Utah

Women’s Hockey @ Utah

About Women’s Hockey @ Utah

Started by Lina vonHartsfeld, Jackie Vars and myself to give women the chance to play and grow while getting the opportunity to play hockey. The University of Utah allowed the team be associated with the school so that the name could be used. The idea was to get the organization started so that the school will fully pick up the team and allow the team members to get more involved with school and be able to play hockey at the same time. I was able to help coach and run practices for this team for two hockey seasons while it grew as an organization.


We’re breaking the ice.

Our Mission
Encourage the growth of women’s hockey in the state of Utah.

 Our Vision
A Utah with a healthy, fun, and competitive women’s hockey market, where there’s no shortage of programs for girls of all ages to be involved in.

Our Values
Care for our community as it cares for us.
Be the best we can be in all walks of life.
Do everything with passion and precision.
Respect others, ourselves, and succeed together.


My Role

As one of the coaches for the team, I was in charge of running practices on early Sunday mornings to give the team a chance to develop their skills. I fully prepared for these practices with practice plans on created on drill sheets along with the other coaches that helped out. Along with running these practices, I was on the bench at games coaching.

Project Dates: August, 2015 – October, 2016

ResponsibilitiesCoach games, setup and run practices, help develop the team and organization, be open to players for one-on-one questions and development

Collaboration with: