Utah Medical Cannabis Research Congress

Utah Medical Cannabis Research Congress


About The Utah Medical Cannabis Research Congress Event

On April 17th, 2017, some members of the Utah state legislation and the H.B. 130 bill  (passed in march) put on an event at the Utah state capitol building to announce the details of the research the bill allows in the state. M2M Resource Development Consortium and Juanita Ramos helped the members of the Utah state legislation host the historic event to raise awareness of the health benefits of medicinal marijuana and the research Utah plans on doing to find out as much as possible working with a company called Folium Biosciences.

Members of Utah State Legislation at the event:

My Role

Hired by Juanita and M2M for the second time, I was responsible for being the photojournalist for this historical event for Utah. Juanita and M2M gave me the exclusive photojournalist opportunity to capture as many quality pictures as I could during the two hour event. To do the event, I was able to rent the proper lens I needed from a photography company and take photos I was very happy with. Along with learning how to rent the proper equipment needed to do a shoot that I didn’t already have, I was able to return the equipment on time with no damages. After returning the equipment, I then narrowed down the quality photos, edited them and was able to practice putting my new watermark on my professional photos.

Project Date: April, 2017

Camera: Canon T5i

Dev Tools: Photoshop, Lightroom

Project Cycle: 1 Week

Client: Juanita Ramos & M2M Resource Development Consortium

Collaboration with: