Utah County Blizzard

Utah County Blizzard

About The Utah County Blizzard

The Utah County Blizzard was a Semi Professional Hockey Team that I founded, ran and played for during the 2010/2011 hockey season. This team was built around Utah County and the City of Provo, Utah to give residents a chance to see good hockey in their community as well as give College/Junior level or higher hockey players a place to play competitive travel hockey.

After one full season, the team had a successful win record and finished 2nd in the IMHL (Intermountain Hockey League). Not only did this team and organization give me a chance to play hockey with some very close friends and teammates, it allowed me to set up and run a successful business that I still pride myself on today.

My Role

My role for the Utah County Blizzard was the Founder, President, Volunteer and a player for theUtah County Blizzard semi-pro hockey team located in Provo, Utah during the 2010-2011 hockey season. Managed the hockey operations, built the team website, marketed events and the team, and ran the business as a whole for the community of Utah County and Provo City.

Duration: March, 2010 – May 2011

Home Rink: Peaks Ice Arena in Provo Utah


  • Zeph Fagergren – Founder / President / Head of Marketing / Player
  • Conrad Kolba – Founder / Business Consultant / Goalie
  • Whitney LeMone – Founder / Business Operations / Game Day Operations
  • Heather Goodfellow –Game Day Operations
  • Annette Pierce – Accounting / Collections
  • Kevin Cook – Head Coach

Marketing for the Utah County Blizzard

Along with finding sponsors for the team, my role as the Head of Marketing was to make sure we had a website and flyers for each game.

Here are some of the flyers I did using Photoshop and Illustrator:

Also, I was in charge of designing the jerseys and here is the template I came up with to show the jersey company that made them:

Custom Utah County Blizzard Jerseys

Utah County Blizzard Website / Senior Project

About the Website:

The Utah County Blizzard needed a website to help market the team to the Utah County community and I needed a senior project to graduate from my undergrad program at Utah Valley University. So my senior projects partner/teammate and I decided to make a website to fulfill the project requirements and help out the hockey team.

We did everything from sketched out the sites to wireframes, comps, style guides, presentations about the site and other crucial steps to make sure we were completing the project accurately and sufficient enough for the team and the project. The website came out to be a success. Here is the paper work we did to document the development of the site: