A Project with EAE and UCEER at the University of Utah.

UCEER is a an app that walks a user through an interactive experience of filling out surveys, viewing a Prenatal Screening Video and then answering a series of ethical survey questions so UCEER can gather research data to be analyzed.

The problem this app will be solving is that this app will educate people about newborn screening so that decisions can be made about a baby’s health prior to a disease that could take effect in the baby’s body.

A big part of this project is proving to the NIH that it’s feasible for multiple U departments to work together and develop solutions to research questions. The GApp Lab’s role in this project is the technology to make the app.

Release Date: February, 2014

Client: A GApp Lab Client: Bob Wong, PhD

Engine/Dev Tools: Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Xcode

Dev Cycle: 8 Weeks

Platform: iOS (iPad)

Genre: Survey, Questionaire App

Role: Producer, App Designer

Credits/Development Team:

  • Team Members:
    • Zeph Fagergren – Producer
    • Joe Rozek – Artist
    • Binoy Mohanty – Engineer
  • Executive Producer
    • Amy Adkins
  • The PIs:
    • Roger Altizer
    • Jose Zagel

Picture 1: The UCEER Logo

Picture 2: The logo created for the game. AIPPE.

Picture 3: Screenshot of the main menu for the app.

Picture 4: Screenshot of one of the screens on the app.

Picture 5: Screenshot of one of the screens on the app and how we interacted with the user to have them turn the iPad.

Picture 6: Screenshot of one of the screens on the app.

Picture 7: Screenshot of the statistics created while the user is using the app.

Full Design Document

UCEER Design Document_v1