The Original Hockey Sauce Kit

The Original Hockey Sauce Kit


About The Original Hockey Sauce Kit

As hockey players growing up we never had a fun hockey backyard style game… hockey trick shot competition kit… or way to train and improve our skills while having fun during the off-season.  We were sick of having to play non-hockey games like throwing around some stale beans or some 100 year old horseshoes.

When designing our HSK we wanted to focus on : Durability, Portability, Versatility.  We proudly work with only USA & Canadian manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products.


    • Rated #1 Game You have to play in 2015 by
    • We have been featured on NHL Netowork + Fox Sports + ESPN + SportsCenter Top 10 plays + Dude Perfect + NBC news + ABC news + Warrior Hockey + Hockey Tutorial + CBS news & more
    • NHL Sauce Hockey Challenge
      • 2015 & 16 we had over 25 NHL players competing for the charity of their choice such as Zach Parise, Dustin Byfuglien, , Gabrel Landeskog, & many more
      • Charlie Coyle of the Minnesota Wild was the winner in 2015.  $10,000 was donated to his charities of choice “Humor for Tumors” & “Defending the Blue Line”
      • Mark Scheifele of the Winnipeg Jets was the winner in 2015. 10,000 was donated to his charities of choice “PROJECT 11 is available to support students in grades 5 to 8 with virtual tutorials educating students about mental health”
  • Over 100 Million views worldwide across social media platforms

“Few games out there on the market match the pure joy you get from The Original Hockey Sauce Kit.” – Bleacher Report

The Original Hockey Sauce Kit is the Premier Game, Trick Shot and Training Kit all in one box. We have been invader in the hockey world & we are just getting started. Check out our new floating Water Sauce Kit or use our Sauce Kit goals as durable & portable hockey goals on & off the ice. Sign up for our news letter to stay up to date on upcoming Sauce Tournaments, giveaways, new products, hockey news & compete in our weekly contest for “Saucer of the Week”!

My Role for The Original Hockey Sauce Kit

After getting invited to help film a promotional video for The Original Hockey Sauce Kit in San Diego by the owner of the company, Vincent Stellato, he invited us at Endless Drop-In Hockey to be “Sauce Ambassadors” for his company.

This allows us to travel and help promote The Original Hockey Sauce Kits around the world or wherever we travel or want to help sell his products.

This also gave us the opportunity to play with Vince and his friends at different hockey tournaments to also help promote and build brand awareness.

Collaboration with:

  • The Original Hockey Sauce Kit – Product/Company
  • Vincent Stellato – Owner
  • Endless Drop-In Hockey – Zeph Fagergren and Jeff Jiron’s Hockey Company
  • Zeph Fagergren – Sauce Ambassador
  • Jeff Jiron – Sauce Ambassador
  • Other Sauce Ambassadors

Sauce Ambassador Since: March, 2016