The GApp Lab @ The University of Utah

The GApp Lab @ The University of Utah

About The GApp Lab

The Gapp Lab (therapeutic games and apps) is a collaboration between the Center for Medical Innovation and the Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program. Located in the Eccles Health Sciences Library, on the health sciences campus, this unique facility hosts graduate students and staff working on medical games and apps. The Gapp Lab has several unique advantages: proximity allows for easy collaboration, a dedicated lab allows students and staff to leverage time and expertise across projects, full access to the library allows the research to be well grounded and cutting-edge. This experimental lab is a unique tool that positions us to do excellent work.

My Role

As one of the graduate students at the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program that was excelling in my work as a Video Game Producer, I was asked to help set up and mange a new project that the EAE Faculty was starting up. I was asked to be manage over 21 people as a Lead Producer at a new lab called The GApp Lab that is still running strong today. At this job I managed other Producers working on games and apps so that we could make sure all projects were delivered in budget, on time and with a high focus on quality. During the second round of projects, I managed 25 people in this lab while developing 6 projects at once. In 2 concurrent semesters, we built 14 successful projects.


GApp Lab Team / Collaboration With:

  • EAE (Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program)
  • The University of Utah
  • Center for Medical Innovation @ The University of Utah
  • Roger Altizer – EAE Faculty (PI)
  • Amy Adkins – Executive Producer
  • Jose Zagal – EAE Faculty
  • Zeph Fagergren – Lead Producer
  • Zac Truscott – Lead Producer
  • James Hulse – Producer
  • Owen Peterson – Producer
  • Tina Kalinger – Producer
  • Brenton Walker – Producer
  • Travis Turner – Producer
  • Allen Alvarado – Producer
  • Rody Rodriguez – Producer
  • Cory Haltinner – Lead Artist
  • Sherry Lin – Tech Artist
  • Alice Owens – Artist
  • Rob Guest – Artist
  • Christopher Cherrington – Artist
  • Joe Rozek – Artist
  • Mark Jarman – Artist
  • Jing Zeng – Artist
  • Miao “Max: XU – Lead Engineer
  • Vaibhav Bhalerao – Lead Engineer
  • Abhishek Verma – Engineer
  • Skip Fowler – Engineer
  • Aaraddhya “AB” Bhatalkar – Engineer
  • Rachel Leiker – Engineer
  • Rick Blaylock – Engineer
  • Swapnil Sawant – Engineer
  • Saumya Mukul – Engineer
  • Siddharth Gupta – Engineer
  • Siddharth Bhavsar – Engineer
  • Gagan Singh – Engineer
  • Hailin Liao – Engineer
  • Duncan Budinger – Engineer