Release Date: December, 2012

Class: Game Design

School: University of Utah

Professor: Roger Altizer

Role: Game Designer

Genre: Action-Adventure

Platform: Unity

Players: Single Player

Question: If a game was made that grabbed cliché elements from a game genre and placed them in a new game with an uncommon and opposite art style then expected, but with similar mechanics, would this game still appeal to the same type of player this genre aims to interest or would completely changing the common look of the genre change the target audience?

Razor: Conker’s Bad Fur Day meets Dead Island, all in a cute and fluffy world similar to My Little Pony.

Summary: Fluffy is a torn up, destroyed, and frayed up, zombified teddy bear who has just woken up for the first time to find himself in what seems to be a magical Cloudland filled with happy and cute, pink teddy bears. But these bears aren’t like Fluffy, these bears hop around, play, and always seem to be laughing and having fun. Fluffy on the other hand, finds himself not liking this land one bit and suddenly gets the urge to feed and destroy every part of it. Player’s will take control of Fluffy and explore the land of Cloudworld by feeding on its citizens and bringing their bodies back to life to join his horde and spread his evil throughout the land. Building Fluffy’s horde will help you progress through different areas in Cloudworld which will eventually help you understand why this cute and fluffy place is actually the one that is evil and why you spawned there to have the urge to destroy it.

Picture 1: Teddyocalypse Cover Art

Picture 2: Teddyocalypse Character Art

Picture 3: About Teddyocalypse

Picture 4: Concept art for Teddyocalypse

Picture 5: Concept art for Teddyocalypse

Picture 6: Concept art for Teddyocalypse

Picture 7: Concept art for Teddyocalypse

Picture 8: Concept art for Teddyocalypse

Project Blog:

Teddyocalypse – A Game Design Doc by Zeph Fagergren

The last week of the first semester at the EAE Program was definitely not an easy one. Looking back on it now, it may have been one of the busiest most stressed weeks of my life. But one thing is for sure I love what came from it! After being locked in my room for what seemed like 18 hours strait for 4 days strait, I finally fleshed out my video game idea from my head to a text document and finally to a fully developed game design document. Here it is:

I have for you, “Teddyocalypse!” A 3D, Action-Adventure, Survival-Horror, Zombie-Style video game! Teddyocalypse is Conker’s Bad Fur Day meets Dead Island, all in a cute and fluffy world similar to My Little Pony!

You are Fluffy, a Teddy Bear with no memory of the past, no sense of where you’re from, and you no idea where you’re going… All you know is that you have awoken in a giant Cloudland surrounded by creatures stuffed with fluff, and you hate every minute of it!

This game has a thesis question that I want to explore during development of this game. This question can be used in many ways but I want to start it off with something like this:

If a game was made that grabbed the survival horror elements from a frightening zombie apocalypse game and placed those same scary elements into a game in the form of cute and fluffy teddy bears living in a cuddly, cartoonish style world, would this game still appeal to the same type of player this genre normally aims to interest or would completely changing the environment and setting change the target audience?

I sometimes have thought it would be interesting if you switched art styles and character designs to something completely different then what a target audience is used to, would they still want to play the game for the mechanic or would they hate the art style and refuse to play it? This is where my thesis question originated from.

Here is the premise of the game and a glimpse of the story:

Fluffy strangely starts to feel a bit more satisfied standing over the motionless creature. Suddenly, what was once a cute and cuddly creature begins to rise from the pool of fluff it was just laying in. With fluff spewing from this creature’s seams, Fluffy realizes that this creature suddenly looks more like him. Almost like they are part of the same cause, the same purpose. Instantly the creature takes off and stumbles quickly down the shoreline of the beach. Fluffy stumbles after his recent victim and notices that he has swiped and tackled his own prey of cute and cuddly creatures and is now lying on top of them, fluff flying everywhere. A couple minutes pass as the new cute and cuddly victims slowly start to become part of Fluffy’s horde. Fluffy, his first victim, and his victim’s victims have all become part of a horde hungry for fluff in the massive land of Cloudworld. With a horde of fluff-eating creatures behind him, Fluffy begins to move from the beach into the massive city of Cloudworld where all he can smell is fluff coming from inside the bodies of the citizens of the city. Fluffy doesn’t know what is driving him to chase down, eat, and take over the cute and cuddly citizens of this land, but everything inside him tells him that he is doing it for a very good reason and he shouldn’t stop for anything. But why?

The art style will be different as well. This game will be played in the bright, colorful and fluffy environment of Cloudworld. This place can be imagined as a very cartoonish, My Little Pony, style of art to it. It will have a lot of bright colors and everything will look like a little girl’s favorite place to imagine a happy, teddy bear kingdom. When Cloudworld is first shown to the player, the main idea that should be thrown at them is that Cloudworld is a very cute world on top of the clouds where a happy civilization of pink teddy bears jump around and play all day. The player needs to feel as if this is a perfect environment for a little girl to play ponys or Barbies. Once that image of Cloudworld is portrayed to the player, enter Fluffy! Fluffy is a complete clash to Cloudworld. He is the complete opposite of this world in everyway. While the citizens of Cloudworld will be shown as pink and purple, smiling, cute teddy bears, Fluffy will be shown as a torn up, emotionless, zombified, brown looking, evil teddy bear that loathes the place he is in. The player needs to feel as if he or she is not at all from Cloudworld but holds some sort of desire to have justice on its civilization. Even though he doesn’t quite know why. The art style will be a cartoonish, but with tattoo style, thick bold lines around the characters and objects in the game.

This game’s target hardware will be for XBOX Live Arcade and Playstation Network using Unity as it’s Dev. Kit.

Why will this game be fun?

The whole idea of being the one that starts the spread of a deadly outbreak instead of trying to survive it is something that isn’t to common in games or films yet. I see this game being extremely satisfying and fun to hunt down and defeat citizens all in the name of growing your horde and defeating more citizens. Players will destroy a cute civilization and find out that they are doing it for a good reason which will make destroying Cloudworld that much more fun!

My First Game Pitch – Teddyocalypse

At the beginning of the second semester here at the University of Utah in the EAE:MGS program, we were asked to pitch a game that could potentially get picked up and fully developed by our cohort for IGF. We were allowed to either team up with classmates to pitch one idea, or you had the option to pitch your own idea. I chose to pitch Teddyocalypse since I was very excited the game idea I had fully fleshed out for my game design doc and I really wanted to get the chance to make it.

With less then a week to fully develop a successful and persuasive game pitch, I decided to get to work on my pitch right away. I felt like I needed to really sell the idea of my art style, my thesis question, and the uniqueness of my opposite zombie-style game.

After working on my pitch for a week, I came up with a lot of new stuff for my game.

Along with new concept art, I also developed out my thesis a bit. Here is my new thesis question that I will pitch with this game:

If a game was made that grabbed cliché elements from a game genre and placed them in a new game with an uncommon and opposite art style then expected, but with similar mechanics, would this game still appeal to the same type of player this genre aims to interest or would completely changing the common look of the genre change the target audience?

If a game grabs elements from a popular game genre, like survival horror for example, and place them in a different and opposite art style with similar mechanics, would this new game still appeal to that genre’s target audience? I want to explore things like: Would violent games still be seen as violent with different art styles? Or would a new target audience possibly become interested in the genre?

Presenting Teddyocalpyse

Pitching Teddyocalypse was amazing! Each student had the chance to present their game to our peers and the faculty of our program to try and sell them on the idea of fully developing out our video game as our thesis game as well as for the Independent Games Festival. Since Teddyocalypse was my first game design document that I have ever fully fleshed out, I was very excited to get up in front of everyone to show off my game and hopefully have it get picked.

On the day of the pitches, it was exciting to see how everyone handled their pitches. Being a producer who had pitched several times during the first semester, it was fun to see how everyone else handled being up in front of everybody for most everyone’s first time as a cohort. Most everyone handled his or her presentations really well. It was awesome to see how much creativity we have in our class. There were some really awesome ideas out there that would really be tons of fun to create.

My pitch went very well! I was very excited to pitch my game which I think drove me through most my presentation. I really felt like my game was unique and had a very good chance at being picked to go forward.

Full Level Design Document

Teddyocalypse GDD