Super Mario World Remix

Super Mario World Remix

Summary: Super Mario World Remix is a game that I built using C#, Flat Red Ball, Photoshop, Excel and Tiled Map Editor. The objective of this project was to be able to build a full game as a solo developer. Everything in this game from the audio to the coding to the level design was completed by me and me alone. I loved Super Mario World on Super Nintendo growing up and always had visions of making my own levels for the game. So with this project, I was able to do just that.


Genre: 2D, Action-Adventure Game

Platform: PC

Engine/Dev Tools: C#, Excel and Flat Red Ball

Players: Single Player

Release Date: December, 2013

Dev Cycle: 7 Weeks

Purpose: University of Utah Master’s Degree Project

Credits: Producer / Level Designer / Engineer / Audio Engineer / Artist – Zeph Fagergren

Picture 1: Super Mario World Remix logo.

Picture 2: Screenshot of some level design using Tile.

Picture 3: Screenshot of the whole level.

Picture 4: The background art for the level.

Full Level Design Document

Level Design Document – Bowsers Hidden Tower