Oppy / Oppy Runner

Oppy / Oppy Runner

The Philadelphia Retina Endowment Foundation partnered with the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program to create several browser games for their website, oppyclub.com. The games and website center around Oppy, a quirky Ophthalmosaurus who helps make children’s visits to the Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) less scary and more enjoyable.

Over the course of 3 ½ months, EAE students made several interactive activities and games for the Oppyclub website, including online adaptations of well-known games like Spot-the-Difference, Jigsaw Puzzle, and Dot to Dot. The games help provide a fun and interesting online environment for kids, which introduces and informs them about eye health and helps create positive feelings about going to the Eye Doctor.

With the successful launch of the web games, EAE was then asked to create an animated short starring Oppy. The animation will play on the website and in doctor’s offices around the country to help children feel less anxious about their visit to the doctor. Currently, a team of 3 graduate students are putting the finishing touches on a 2 ½ minute short animation following Oppy’s perilous journey from the doctor’s office waiting room to the eye examination chair, courageously conquering his fears as he makes his way through the imaginary jungle that separates them.

Release Date: May, 2014

Client: A GApp Lab Client: Dr. Larry Denoso

Engine/Dev Tools: Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator

Platform: PC

Genre: Action / Forced Runner

Players: Single Player

Role: Lead Producer, Game Designer

Credits/Development Team:

Picture 1: The Original Oppy logo from Dr. Larry Denoso

Picture 2: The Development Team’s reworked version of a 3D Oppy

Picture 3: Screenshot of some gameplay for Oppy Runner

Picture 4: Screenshot of some of the animations made for Oppy Runner showing Oppy with an Optometrist

Picture 5: One of the posters for Oppy Runner

Picture 6: Another poster for Oppy Runner

Picture 7: Screenshot of the schedule put together as one of my Lead Producer tasks.