New Sheep Order: A Narrative in Game Design

New Sheep Order: A Narrative in Game Design

The New Sheep Order is a Gamebook I wrote in my Narrative in Game Design Class at the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program. This class was designed to teach EAE graduate students how to start thinking about story writing for game design.

My narrative is about a sheep that witnesses a truth in his society that is held secret from everyone. When he tries to expose this horrible secret, he suddenly finds himself being the black sheep.

Intro to the Story

The New Sheep Order

You are a small and innocent sheep like any other sheep in the Great Motherly Valley. Your name is Timothy and you love to do normal sheep activities eating tall, green grass and exploring the exquisite land the Great Motherly Valley has to offer. You and the other sheep will go get your wool shaved off everyone’s bodies once a week so that all the sheep can use the wool together for the greater good to make shelters and beds of equal size. This way of living has been passed down as the traditional sheep way of life for as long as anyone can remember. This has made it so that every sheep can continue to keep living healthy and eating delicious, tall green grass on the daily. You love to go to the Holy Sheep Shrine on a regular basis to set your soul at ease and to relax. Something about this place makes a sheep feel a very high level of peaceful energy and has a way of calming any sheep. Overall, you are a happy go lucky sheep who loves to be alive in this wonderful valley he calls his home. But you are about to realize that life suddenly can change for you all in one moment and you will never see the old ways of life in the Great Motherly Valley the same again.

Items Required to Play The New Sheep Order:

    1.  A Print Out of  The New Sheep Order Adventure Sheet
    2.  Two, Six-Sided Dice

Release Date: March, 2014

Engine/Dev Tools: Excel, InDesign, Photoshop

Dev Cycle: 2 Weeks

Collaboration With:

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