Nemmi is a RPG/Adventure game set in the environment of Shoshone language and culture. Our young traveler is sent out on a journey by the Village Elder to help rid the land of monsters and put the lost, restless, Shoshone Spirits at peace. Explore massive terrains, solve puzzles, and fight monsters using a turn-based system while hearing, seeing and learning about the Shoshone Tribe.

Nemmi (the Shoshone word for traveling) is a game that was built in HTML5 using MelonJS for the Center for American Indian Languages at the University of Utah. Our goal was to be able to build a game that is fun for anyone interested in learning the Shoshone language or culture.

We have built a 2D / Adventure / Puzzle / RPG game that is set an a Western, Shoshone environment where a Shoshone Chief Elder has discovered that monsters have been scattered throughout the region and because of this has made the Shoshone Spirits lost and restless. As the main character, your job is to go explore the region, solve puzzles, battle monsters to help put the Shoshone Spirits at peace once more.

Release Date: November, 2012

Class: Game Design

School: University of Utah

Professor: Roger Altizer

Role: Game Designer/producer

Genre: Adventure / RPG Game

Platform: HTML5 & MelonJS

Players: Single Player

Collaboration With: 

  • Producer / Artist – Zeph Fagergren
  • Engineer – Chunrun Wang
  • Engineer – Nikhil Raktale
  • Engineer – Sagar Mistry

The main character will be a young, Shoshone adolescent who is fully customizable. We will have different looks, clothes, as well as male and female characters that can be made before you play the game so that you can explore the world with you own personal Shoshone character.

The Shoshone Language will be used throughout the game in many different ways. It will be spoken by the characters so you can hear Shoshone words all the time. When the language is spoken, English and Shoshone text will be displayed so that anyone playing the game will easily be able to tell what the word or phrase being said actually means.

My job on our team for this project was to come up with all the artwork and level design. We came up with an 8-bit / Retro / Super Nintendo look for our art to most successfully capture the attention of our target audience. This art style seems to be growing in popularity lately, so we felt this was the best way to approach the artwork for our game. I was also in charge of presenting our game and doing all the work the falls behind being a Producer.

Post Mortem:

The Post Mortem processes went well for our team after we pitched Nemmi to our client. The entire 4 week process went pretty smooth for us overall. The only big problem we seemed to have was merging some of our assets and working with the MelonJS dev kit. Even though we had these little speed bumps, we had a very good results in the end and we received great feedback from our peers and the clients. We had a lot of fun building this game! I can’t wait to build another prototype in HTML5!