FlatRedBall / EnWest Marketing

FlatRedBall / EnWest Marketing

Collaborating with both EnWest Marketing and FlatRedBall, quality assurance is needed and is an important aspect to making sure big commerce stays operational. This project is a continuous venture into bringing old paper processes into the digital world without losing any money from the clients that use the product during development. My role is to lead a Web Quality Assurance Team to make sure that all our platforms are fully tested before release.

Release Date: Continuous since January, 2016

Link: Private

Website Type: A database, user account and data tracking website.

Engine/Dev Tools: MySql, Excel, CSS, HTMl, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Trello

Dev Cycle: Continuous builds

Client: EnWest, FlatRedBall, other existing clients that use the product

Credits: Quality Assurance – Zeph Fagergren