Zephyr27– Digital Media, Software Development, Technology Solutions

Zephyr27 is an independent digital media contracting company providing technology solutions to clients and businesses around the world. Established in September of 2014, Zephyr27 is the main brand of Lock Pick Studios, LLC.



Zeph Fagergren– Strive and Grind

I begin my digital media career when I was in middle school. After my uncle had spent many hours with me showing me how to build PCs from scratch as well as build websites, I had a very high passion to learn as much as I can about computers, interactive media and technology. This drove me to strive towards higher education after high school. After graduating from high school with a high gpa and good test scores, I decided to go to school at Utah Valley University to study multimedia communications and digital media. Soon after receiving both an associates degree and a bachelors degree from this growing university, I decided to continue my education into grad school and began to attend The University of Utah in 2012 to study entertainment arts and engineering. I graduated as one of the top students in my program in 2014 with a Masters degree along with many published and successful video games, websites, apps and other digital media projects. This love for my education in digital media led me to start a company so I could continue to do the work I love to do. The result is Lock Pick Studios, LLC that allows me to continue my studies and work in the industry I love. Since the day my company was founded, it has signed many successful contracts and is still growing to this day.